The Electricity Board of Himachal Pradesh has invited tenders for the installation of Smart Meters throughout the state after the previous tender process was cancelled due to protests from the Electricity Board Employees Union. The installation of Smart Meters is estimated to cost Rs 1,900 crore, with the central government providing a subsidy of Rs 1,350 per meter.

The tender process is open for applications from May 3 to May 11, and the central government will bear 90% of the budget for maintenance, while the state government will only be responsible for 10%. However, the Electricity Board Employees Union has expressed opposition to the move, claiming that it could lead to the privatization of the Electricity Board and adversely affect the board’s budget. They plan to meet with the Chief Minister to discuss their concerns.

Despite opposition, the installation of Smart Meters is expected to bring significant benefits, including efficient energy consumption and cost savings for consumers. This modernization of energy infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh is a promising step towards sustainable and efficient energy consumption, and it remains to be seen how the opposition from the union will be addressed.