Shimla: Technical Education, Vocational and Industrial Training Himachal Pradesh Sundernagar have signed the MoU with the Future Right Skills Network for training the trainers of Government-run ITIs.

Future Right Skills Network is a collaborative effort by Accenture, Cisco and J.P. Morgan and facilitated by the non-profit Quest Alliance.

The MoU was signed between Vivek Chandel, Director, Directorate of Technical Education Sundernagar Himachal Pradesh and Venugopal Thirumalpad, Director, QUEST Alliance, Bengaluru.

Under the pact, all the trainers of the Employability Skills course in 138 Government ITI of Himachal Pradesh will be trained. All the expenses for the training shall be borne by the QUEST Alliance and there will be no financial implication on the State.

In the first phase, 10 identified ‘Master Trainers’ will be trained using the curriculum. Master trainers will further train the instructor in charge of the employability skills curriculum in all Government ITIs in collaboration with Quest Alliance.

The program intervention will consist of employability skills curriculum training with 50 hours of engagement via virtual and physical models such as webinars, reading materials, video courses, assignments, and so on. Trainers were trained on the new Employability Skills curriculum, how to facilitate Employability Skills classes, and how to organize the ITI’s employability skills curriculum rollout.

The Trainers will be able will instruct students once they have been trained on employability skills using a blended methodology that includes Quest App.

The intervention through the Quest App will provide more than 90-hours of training to instil skills in employability skills, digital literacy and fluency, workplace readiness, such as creative problem solving and data use in decision making, and career management skills, such as fostering a growth mindset and the ability to identify and plan career journeys to the trainees. The strategic goal for the partnership over the next three years is to equip trainers and trainees in India with critical skills as they transition into the world of a skilled workforce.

Using the newly released Employability Skills curriculum, a blended learning employability skills toolkit, which includes English communication, life skills, digital skills, work readiness through self-learning digital lessons coupled with classroom games and activities will ease the understanding of the subject.

The capacity building of Employability Skills trainers through cascade employability skill Training of Trainers and extend post-training support in the form of guest lectures, industry exposure, sharing of teaching and learning aids for students and trainers.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.