Shimla, a beautiful city, mapped in the heart of Himachal. People always dream of Shimla during their summer vacations. The hills and the scenic beauty of Shimla are unmatchable. The roads, the weather, the ambience altogether makes it a heaven on earth.

There are numerous adventure activities in Shimla. Ice skating, trekking, camping a few to name. You can enjoy these outdoor activities at a very budget-friendly price.

Best adventure activities in Shimla you will love to experience

Ice Skating

People who love ice skating, Shimla is a perfect place for them. Shimla offers membership-based ice-skating and conducts ice skating events for locals and outsiders. In the month of December and January, when Shimla experiences snowfall, you can visit the famous Lakkar Bazar ice skating ring to add some fun to your trip. You can either carry your skates or hire them from the club.

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Another adventure activity travelers can enjoy is trekking. There are no trekking locations within the periphery of the town. However, you can choose to cover a few kilometers from the Shimla town to reach Hatu Peak or Shali Tibba for a fun-filled adventure.

To reach Hatu Peak, you can either take a cab or use local transport to reach Narkanda. Trek to Hatu Peak starts at Narkanda, which is about 2 to 3 hours journey from Shimla. The place is serene and beautiful.

Shali Tibba trek starts at Khatnol – a village in the remoteness of Mashobra. The village is about 45 km from Shimla. Take a private cab or local transport to reach Khatnol and start your trek to the top. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach Shali peak. The top offers panoramic of snowy Himalayan ranges in the distance and deep valley down below. 

Best season for trekking: The months of April, May, June, September, October, and November are ideal for trekking in Shimla.


Everyone loves to spend time in the mountains. If you visit Shimla and do not camp in the mountains, you are missing an amazing adventure opportunity. Shimla has numerous spots where you can camp and spend your night below the starry sky.

Places like Mashobra, Kufir, and Narkanda offer an amazing opportunity to camp under the stars. All you need is to drive for about 30 minutes, and you are at your dream destination.

Best time for camping: The best season for camping in Shimla is from April to June and October to November. In December, nights are very cold, making it very difficult to camp.

River Rafting

One of the most loved adventure activities around the world is river rafting. Sometimes, people love to feel that adrenalin rush and enjoy the splash of cold water. You can come to Shimla and enjoy this adventurous activity.

You need to cover a distance of around 45 km from Shimla to reach Chaba, Tattapani. The place is famous for its hydropower project as well. Chaba is a small village situated on the banks of Nauti River. The Nauti River is a tributary of the Satluj River where the river rafting is done.

Best time for river rafting: The best time for river rafting in Shimla is May and June.

Go-karting at Kufri

Driving a go-kart at an altitude of 9,000 feet is a different experience altogether. Fun World is a place where you will get the opportunity to experience cart racing. Other fun activities include joy ride on the hill-top. The distance of this destination from Shimla is about 15 km.

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Best time to visit Kufri: The best time to visit Kufri and enjoy go-karting is April to June and October through December.

Shimla is a heaven on earth. Situated in the heart of Himachal, Shimla is famous for its scenery and mountains. If you are planning to visit this small hill town to experience the beauty and adventure, don’t forget to experience these adventure activities and add some spice to your monotonous life.

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