Simplify registration procedures and make them totally transparent: Naidu

New Delhi: The Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for a comprehensive, model law to make land deeds, transfers and registrations litigation-free. Releasing a Book titled ‘Land Registration, Global Practices & Lessons for India’ written by the Chief Secretary of Himachal Pradesh B.K. Agarwal, here today.

The Vice President suggested that the Centre and the State governments should act together in a Team India spirit to bring out a comprehensive law on land-related issues. He also called for digitization of land records so that every transaction is hassle-free.

Observing that land is the basic source of livelihood for about 50 per cent of the Indian population, Naidu stressed the need for a legally-binding document on land ownership.

Calling for ensuring minimal interface between the people and the officials dealing with land issues, including registration, to eliminate corruption, the Vice President urged the Centre and State governments to move in the direction of simplifying the procedures and making them totally transparent.

Naidu lauded the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his reformative approach in governance and the establishment of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog. He said the transformation was aimed at improving the lives of the people.

Appreciating the book written by B.K. Agarwal, Naidu said it would be of equal importance to all the common man, law makers and policy makers. He said the title of the book ‘Land Registration–Global Practices and Lessons for India’ is self-explanatory and reflects the importance of the subject. This book is of equal importance to all– the common man, law makers and policy-makers, Naidu further added. The Vice-President hoped that the book would fill the existing gap of research in the field of land registration and maintenance of title records in our country.