Shimla: To motive and ensure women’s participation in the electoral process, the election commission has set up 136 Women Managed Polling Station in the state. Pushpendra Rajput, Chief Electoral Officer stated that each constituency will have 2 Women Managed Polling Stations. In these polling station total women police personnel and all women employees would be deputed for duty.

This is one of its kind initiative from election commission. The detail of 136 Women Managed Polling Stations in 68 assembly constituencies are as:-

District Chamba

1-Churah (SC): 30-Buin polling station at Tissa and 32-Kaswati Bhanjraru.

2-Bharmour (ST): 110-Bharmour-I and 113-Sachuien

3-Chamba: 51-Surara and 52-Chountra both at Chamba

4-Dalhousie: 29-Kuntedi and 103-Banikhet-I

5-Bhattiyat: 49-Chowari-I and 50-Chowari-II

District Kangra:

6-Nurpur: 69-Nurpur-6 and 70-Nurpur-7

7-Indora (SC): 81-Indora-3 and 82-Indora-4

8-Fatehpur: 29-Rehan-2 and 84-Dhameta-I

9-Jawali: 51-Paloura-3 and 61-Kherian-2

10-Dehra: 66-Dehra-IV and 95-Sunhet-I (Swaru)

11-Jaswanpragpur: 65-Pragpur and 71-Bani

12-Jawalamukhi: 39-Drang-2 and 40-Jawalamukhi-I

13-Jaisinghpur (SC): 97-Dalu and 100-LahriDhar

14-Sullah: 38-Menjha Upper and 45-Maranda-III

15-Nagrota: 41-Nagrota-5 and 42-Nagrota-6

16-Kangra: 25-Kangra-1 and 26-Kangra-2

17-Shahpur: 98-Ladwara-3 and 100-Thara

18-Dharamshala: Dharamshala-3 and 64-Yol-2

19-Palampur: 45-Palampur-II and 49-Lohna-II

20-Baijnath (SC): 15-Kothi-I and 22-Averi

District Lahaul & Spiti

21-Lahaul & Spiti (ST): 51-Jispa and 72-Gete

District Kullu

22-Manali: 18-Manali-4 and 20-Manali-5

23-Kullu: 36-Dhalpur-II and 38-Shishamati

24-Banjar: 100-Horngad and 102-Binni

25-Anni (SC): 47-Anni-1 and 62-Dalash

District Mandi

26-Karsog (SC): 57-Karsog-II and 67-Mamail-I

27-Sundernagar: 12-Baned-II and 17-Bhojpur-II

28-Nachan (SC): 28-Bhour-II and 36-Mahadev-I

29-Seraj: 9-Fagrout and 10-Dadoh

30-Darang: 35-Siyun and 68-Bhiuli

31-Jogindernagar: 93-Jogindernagar-1 and 97-Jogindernagar-5

32-Dharampur: 79-Banwar Kala and 83-Dharampur

33-Mandi: 77-Darmyana-II and 78-LowerBhagwahan-I

34-Balh(SC): 52-Kasarla and 55-Behal-II

35-Sarkaghat: 1-Sarkaghat-I and 3-Sarkaghat-III

District Hamirpur

36-Bhoranj (SC): 2-Sapnehra and 19-Parol

37-Sujanpur: 10-Sujanpur and 44-Patlander

38-Hamirpur: 28-Hamirpur and 29-Hamirpur

39-Barsar: 32-Bani-2 and 66-Bijhari-2

40-Nadaun: 12-Nadaun-I and 13-Nadaun-II

District Una

41-Chintpurni (SC): 35-Amb-1 and 37-Amb-3

42-Gagret: 60-Mubarikpur-2 and 62-Kalruhi

43-Haroli: 25-Saloh-2 and 32-Badhera-3

44-Una: 7-Una-2 and 9-Una-4

45-Kutlehar: 16-Nayili Uperli-1 and 17-Nayili Uperli-2

District Bilaspur

46-Jhanduta (SC): 5-ChangerTalai-1 and 6-ChangerTalai-2

47-Ghumarwin: 70-Ghumarwin-3 and 87-Bhager

48-Bilaspur: 71-Nihal and 74-Gurudwara

49-SriNainaDeviji: 50-Dabheta and 67-SriNainaDeviJi

District Solan

50-Arki: 60-Arki-II and 83-Batal

51-Nalagarh: 61-Ward No.-8 (Basiyanwala) and 67-WardNo.-2(Fatakwala)I

52-Doon: 81-Balyana 56-Malkumajra

53-Solan (SC): 75-WardNo. 5(1) and 81-Ward. No. 7(3)

54-Kasauli (SC): 61-Kasauli-3 and 62-Kasauli-4

District Sirmour

55-Pachhad (SC): 33-Rajgarh-II and 102-Sarahan-II

56-Nahan: 36-Nahan (Haripur-I) and 45-Nahan (NayaBazar-II)

57-SriRenukaji (SC): 81-Sangrah-I and 99-Dadahu-I

58-Paonta Sahib: 39-Paonta-III and 41-Paonta (Devinagar-II)

59-Shillai: 41-Shillai-II and 43-Shillai-IV

District Shimla

60-Chopal: 50-Chopal and 87-Nerwa-I

61-Theog: 129-Janog and 131-Shakraut

62-Kasumpati: 71-Patweg-II and 84-Mehli-V

63-Shimla: 2-Summerhill and 22-LowerAnnadale-2

64-Shimla Rural: 109-UpparChakkar and 119-Badhai-II

65-Jubbal-Kotkhai: 34-Domehar and 95-Sarswati Nagar

66-Rampur (SC): 79-RampurCommittee (WardNo.6) and 80-Rampur Committee (WardNo-5)

67-Rohru (SC): 19-Gangtoli-I and 51-Rohru

District Kinnaur

68-Kinnaur (ST): 55-Reckongpeo-1 and 56-Reckongpeo-2

The state is poised to poll on Nov 9 and result will be out on 18th December, 2017. The state has 68 Assembly Constituencies and 17 seats were reserved for Scheduled Caste and three for Scheduled Tribes.

Pushpendra Rajput said that the electoral rolls had been revised and as per the final publication the total electors in the State are 49, 13,888 which are likely to be increase after final disposal of new form No.6 received during special campaign run in the state from 16th to 30th September, 2017.

Rajput reiterate that 100 percent photo electoral rolls would be used during the general elections.

To ensure transparency in the election process, the election commission has decided use EVM with VVPAT in all the 7521 polling stations of 68 Assembly Constituencies of the State for Himachal Elections 2017. The VVPAT will be used for the first time in the assembly election which would enable voter to see the name and symbol of the candidate for 7 second to whom he has casted his vote.

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