Claiming inadequacies in the Newton’s Laws, Science Professor in Himachal Ajay Sharma has appealed Prime Minister to arrange an open seminars. Sharma claimed that ‘Newton’s Second of Motion’ (F=ma or Force = mass x acceleration) was never given by Newton but by Swiss Scientist Leonhard Euler.

Sharma, who’s presently rendering his services as Assistant Director Education, Himachal Pradesh, claimed that he had proved that ‘Newton’s Second Law of Motion’ (F =ma or Force = Mass x acceleration) as taught from 9th class is not given by Newton.

Scientific Limitations of Newton’s Second and Third Laws of motion

Ajay Sharma discussed Newton’s masterpiece, the Principia (1686). He claimed that Newton’s Second Law of Motion (F =ma) – as given in the Principia at page 19 – is not taught school textbooks. He claimed

“Newton’s original law is taught in entirely different way. The actual second law of motion, which Newton gave in the Principia, is never taught or discussed in science. The second law of motion (F =ma) as taught in schools on the name of Newton, was actually given by Swiss scientist Euler in 1775, Newton had died 48 years earlier in 1727. There are clear cut proofs for this on the Euler archive in the website of Mathematical Association of America, Washington at page 223 of Euler’s research article E479. According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, action and reaction are always equal and opposite. Scientists and teachers express this law in terms of ‘force’ only. But it is clear from page 20, 3rd para of the Principia, Newton expressed the law both in terms of ‘velocity’ and ‘force’. Thus we teach Newton’s law incompletely.”

Sharma has generalized 2266 years old Archimedes principle, 311 years old Newton’s laws and 112 years old Einstein mass energy equation ( E =mc2) with assistance of Government and financial support of his family. His research papers has been published in peer review international journals and conferences published from America and Europe.

Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan has already sent Sharma’s books for evaluation to The National Academy of Sciences, India two years ago. Sharma has published two books, Beyond Newton and Archimedes (2013), and Beyond Einstein and E=mc2 (2015), from Cambridge England.