Himachal art and craft

Himachal Pradesh is known for its cultural heritage and rich customs and traditions. The State has rich inheritance of centuries old temples, forts and other historical monuments. Himachal is also known for its splendid arts and crafts especially Chamba Rumal,Thangka, miniature paintings, metal, stone, wood crafts and many more. The State Government is committed to protect, preserve and promote the all forms of cultural heritage in the state besides the Government is endeavouring to showcase the contemporary arts and crafts of Himachal.

A separate and comprehensive Gallery is being set up in the State Museum Shimla, in which the contemporary objects of arts and crafts of Himachal will be displayed. Artists and Craftsmen of the State have earned worldwide reputation for the excellence in their area of specialization. By displaying their works in the Museum, these artists and crafts men would not only get recognition but incentive and encouragement would also be provided to the budding artists of the State. To make a start in this direction, State Museum Shimla intends to acquire Thangkas, Chamba Rumals and Metal crafts for new gallery of contemporary Himachali art and craft.

The interested artists and craftsmen can apply on prescribed form to the District Language Officer of the respective district before 30th September, 2015 to avail the benefit. These forms can be obtained from the District Language Officer or downloaded from the website of Department of Language and Culture of Himachal Pradesh.

An expert committee of seven members will be constituted under the chairmanship of Curator, Himachal State Museum to acquire the contemporary arts and crafts of the State and the objects so acquired will be displayed in the contemporary art and craft gallery in the State Museum.

Initially, the committee will focus on Thangka paintings, Chamba Rumal and metal art for acquisition. Later on, other crafts like woodcraft, stone craft and contemporary paintings, miniature paintings etc. will also be acquired.

Himachal Pradesh also has number of architectural significant historical monuments and old temples. The State Government is endeavouring to preserve this heritage for the posterity. In the recent past, the grant upto a maximum of Rs. 50,000 per case was provided for repair and restoration of Temples, Monuments etc.

The present State Government has proposed that old temples, monuments of architectural significance will be provided grant to restore the old glory, as per the requirement.

The State Government intends to construct Indoor Auditoriums at all district Head Quarters, where such facility does not exist, for organization of various cultural events and a budget provision of Rs. 25 crore has been made for this purpose during this financial year.

Apart from it, for regular upkeep and maintenance of temples, the lands which are vested with the State Government or the tenants and are left in financial difficulty, the a revolving fund of Rs. 5 crore was constituted during 2014-15 and additional budget of Rs. 5 core has been provided in 2015-16.

The State government has introduced various schemes to preserve and exhibit all forms of cultural heritage and to promote the artists, poets, litterateurs and scholars of the State. The Government is also giving impetus to collect and preserve precious manuscripts, photographs, paintings, historical documents and other important objects of archaeological and archival nature.

With an objective of restoring and reviving the old art and culture and strengthening the rich cultural heritage of the state, the Government has also decided to open a College of Fine Arts in the State.

Scholarships are also being provided to the Himachali students, who get admission in higher institutions of performing arts, fine arts etc. outside the State.