Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has raised concern about the amount being spent by BJP prime-ministerial candidate Narinder Modi on his election campaigns. Addressing rallies in favour of congress candidate Mohan Lal Brakta at Pujarali, Tikkar, Deoli and Baggi, in Shimla district today, the chief minister said that Modi was spending crores on his election rallies which was likely to be fatal for the country in near future.

He said that Election commission of India should inquire about the huge sum in crores being spent by Modi in his election rallies and campaigns. Virbhadra Singh said

I have a long political career and I can well judge from my experience that BJPs Election campaign would be a threat to the nation in times ahead

Congress veteran added that today Modi is recalling Sardar Vallabh bahi Patel and was trying to tell the people of the country that Patel had the same ideology as BJP have. Has Narinder Modi, forgotten the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, who had also been from Gujarat, questioned Singh. Veteran Congress leader accused Modi for the Gujarat riots, in which thousands of minority people were killed mercilessly.

Taking a jibe at Modi, Virbhadra Singh said that Modi has no such political experience the way he is highlighting the same. He added that he has been Chief Minister of Gujarat for just three times whereas he has been Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh for six times and besides was member of parliament and union minister too.

Virbhadra Singh stated that only the person who is secular, upon whom the people can trust, who knows how to respect all religions and who has the caliber of taking along with the people of the country with him is eligible for becoming Prime Minister of the country.

Singh also targeted former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and accused him for fabricating false cases against him whenever the BJP was in power. He claimed that Dhumal had tried twice to implicate him in false cases.

He believed that Congress will win this Lok Sabha election by huge margin and will dash the dream of Modi and Dhumal.

Virbhadra said that the UPA Government has initiated many progressive schemes and act like right to information Act, MANREGA, Lokpal Bill, Food security act and lot many welfare schemes in various sectors.