Shimla film festival

Shimla: Given the immense response received for Shimla Film Festival 2014, it has proved a daunting task for finalizing the films that are to be screened over two days of the event on April 12 and April 13.

The Shimla Film Festival 2014 is an initiative of Himachal Media Pvt Ltd for promoting the craft of filmmaking by connecting the local with the global and the global with the local. The festival jury comprising of filmmaker Vivek Mohan, journalist Rakesh Lohumi and photographer Sanjay Austa, after much viewing and consideration, have finalized a list of 34 films, documentaries, music video’s and spots that would be screened at the festival.

The films to be screened are an interesting mix of films by Himachal Filmmakers, Indian Filmmakers and a miniscule lot by International Filmmakers.

Of the 34 films to be screened at the festival 18 are by Himachal Filmmakers and 16 by Open Filmmaker category.

In the Himachal Category of the films to be screened include 3 feature films, 3 short films, 6 documentaries, 4 music videos and two advertisement spots.

The Open Category of films for screening include 8 short films, 5 documentaries, one music video and two public awareness spot films. Earlier we had announced that in the open category, no spot films had been entered for the festival but the jury took the view that two films which were slightly longer than the 1 minute duration length for the category, were treated as spot films.

The festival also aroused some international interest and there were three films by international filmmakers submitted for the festival. One of them is to be screened at the festival.

One Indian filmmaker living in USA also submitted a film for the festival which is being screened at the festival.

One amateur Himachal Filmmaker living in USA submitted two music video’s of which one is to be screened at the festival.

Of the 94 films entered for the festival, we finally received 85 films. All the films were seen by the jury, before they were shortlisted for screening and to pick out the award winners.

The award ceremony function, to be presided over by Governor Urmila Singh, would be held on 13th April at YMCA, where the award winning films would be announced.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.