BJP senior leader and former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal strongly rebutted charges leveled by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, in which Singh accused Dhumal for framing him to settle political score.

Prem Kumar Dhumal, in his press communiqué, welcomed all the inquiries being conducted by the Virbhadra led government, but he raises doubts over its authenticity and accused Chief Minister for influencing it. Former Chief Minister stated that Congress leader is issuing such statements that appear that he himself has become “Investigator, Prosecutor and the Judge”. He said

In case, he is to decide everything, then what he is waiting for? Is the government inquiring the matter or it is just a publicity stunt. At times, the statements are being issued by him and other times by the Officers of the Vigilance department.

Reacting over the CD case, Dhumal stated that the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh himself had asked the Vigilance department to inquire it in 2007 and also took the matter to the Hon’ble Himachal Pradesh High Court. Dhumal said and now Congress and its leaders were blaming BJP for it.

Dhumal maintained that his government had not committed any crime by allotting land for providing sport facilities of international standard to the youth of the State after having completed all necessary formalities in public interest. The infrastructure so created is a public property and does not belong to any one, Dhumal added.

He also targeted Chief Minister and blamed him for ignoring Hamirpur district and now claiming the development of the district. He said that the people of Hamirpur very well know that the offices of Chief Engineer PWD, IPH & electricity, Chief Conservator of Forest, were opened during the tenure of BJP Govt. In addition, the Technical University, Carrier Point University, B. Ed Colleges, No. of Degree Colleges & Schools, Bridges and road connectivity was also provided by BJP Govt. The Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra, NIT, Hotel Management Institute and Regional Centre of Horticulture University were also opened during the BJP tenure.

Dhumal also accused Virbhadra Singh led Govt for closing and shifting many government offices like Divisional office of HIMUDA, JAICA Project Office from the Hamirpur. Dhumal claimed that the Police Battalion Jangleberi was shifted overnight by the present government, while it was established twice by BJP Govt.

Former Minister further commented that self praise has no recommendation because the honest and competent officers/officials have been sidelined and are being victimized and harassed by making their frequent transfers. In their places, the persons with what background are being encouraged, is a matter of discussion all around including the H.P. Secretariat.