Himachal Pradesh High Court put stay on the election of Chairman of the Kangra Central Co-operative (KCC) Bank.

The stay has been obtained by the sitting incumbent RS Mankotia from the HC. This stay is granted for the three weeks. Mankotia, however, declined to comment on the developments.

BJP members of the KCC Board, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said they were in favour of appointing an elected member as the Chairman of the bank. They had given a choice to the new government that in case it nominated an elected member as Chairman of the bank they would back him. However, the Congress opted for a nominated member as Chairman of the bank and that was not acceptable to them.

Jagdish Sapiya, Congress nominee for the post of Chairman, talking to press, said it had been a tradition of the bank that the Chairman changed smoothly with the change in government. However, it seemed that Mankotia was not in a mood to vacate the office. Sapiya claimed to be the choice of the CM for the post of Chairman.