Senior Congress leader S Singla has asked Shanta Kumar to introspect before leveling any allegations against others. He dared Shanta Kumar to reveal facts about Vivekanand Memorial Research Trust (VMRT). Singla raised questions over the allotment of land to the private trust, which is using it for commercial venture. He alleged that even Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister has bypassed rules to please his biggest distracter Shanta Kumar before poll and put trust away from CAG. S Singla alleged that during his stint as Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India, Shanta Kumar had benefited many with export policies and most of them had donated for VMRT, Singla alleged. Congress senior leader Singla demanded independent probe into Vivekanand Memorial Research Trust.

Earlier, Shanta Kumar has demanded UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s explanation over her and family’s status over their Swiss bank accounts. He had alleged that a Swiss newspaper had carried a report in 1990, wherein it was stated that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has deposited over 2.5 million dollars in a bank account and till now his family has not refuted this allegation.

It is not a first time when distracters have leveled serious allegation over Vivekanand Memorial Research Trust. Earlier too the Himachal Pradesh High Court has issued notice to the state Govt and Vivekanand Medical Research Trust in a petition of a Palampur resident Bhuvnesh Chand Sood, who had alleged that the people of the area had initially been told that the trust will operate a multi-faculty Hospital in the area and will be under Govt control and raised donation from the local residents. He also alleged that it has become a commercial venture. Petitioner has also demanded to probe into the land lease for VMRT.