Bahra University

For November 4 assembly election, the Himachal Pradesh BJP released its election manifesto at Shimla today. Alike others, BJP too is trying to woo young voters and in tis manifesto has promised 10 lakh jobs for the youth of the state.

This time Himachal BJP is looking to woo PTA appointed teachers and promised to form some regular policy for them. BJP also promised to increase daily wages to 250 and 350 for Home guards.

The BJP manifesto also mentions to increase hydro electric power generation to 20,000 MW from 12000 and alike 2007 manifesto, when party has promised CFL bulbs for every household, this time BJP has promised free induction cookers for all gas connection holders. BJP in its manifesto promised free pilgrimages to senior citizens of the state.

The BJP also promises free medicines in government hospitals across the state if elected to power.

As many as 4.59 million voters will cast their ballots November 4 at 7,253 polling stations across Himachal Pradesh.