A lecture on ‘Emerging Epidemic of CVD; Challenges and Opportunities for Prevention’ was delivered by Dr P.C.Negi, Professor and Head Cardiology department, IGMC in the H.P. Secretariat today.

Dr P.C. Negi advised people to adopt healthy lifestyles and to avoid stress and hypertension by developing positive approach towards life. He said that heart ailments have replaced the communicable diseases as the biggest killer in rural as well as urban areas. He explained about the causes, symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and preventions necessary for the same. He stressed upon healthy food habits and highlighted the importance of awareness among the people to prevent heart attacks. He said that timely medical care in the case of heart attack was helpful in saving the lives of the patients and added that regular health check ups were necessary for healthy and disease free life.

Dr Negi also answered the queries of the audience. Ajay Bhandari, Secretary GAD welcomed Dr Negi. He said that the lecture was organized to sensitize the Secretariat employees about cardiovascular diseases and their prevention. Officers and officials of the Secretariat attended the lecture.