The Estimate Committee of the Vidhan Sabha has disapproved the retention policies to regularise illegal structures and asserted that bringing such policies repeatedly was against planned urbanisation. It has called for finding a permanent solution to the issue and underlined the need for formulating development plans for a period of 100 years to ensure planned growth of towns.

The report presented on the performance of the Town and Country Planning Department in the Vidhan Sabha by Chairman of the committee Roop Singh recommended that the basic data regarding the requirement of the people for preparing the development plan should be entrusted to some independent agency.

Further, it should be ensured that development plans were prepared and implemented in close coordination with the departments concerned.

It observed that out of the total 35 planning areas, there were 17 areas where no development work was being carried out. If these areas did not have any sources of revenue, the department should ensure that funds were available for providing basic amenities to people.