The Government of India, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, has allotted only 20124 Kilolitres (KLs) of kerosene oil for the 1st & 2nd quarter of 2010-2011, whereas monthly allocation comes to 3352 Kls, according to an official spokesperson of the State Government. Official said that the allocation for the year 2004-2005 to 2007-2008 was 64934 KL, based on which, the monthly allocation comes to 5411 Kls per month. The reduction of kerosene Oil to the State was 52.3%. He said that as per the plea of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, the reduction of quota of kerosene oil was due to increase in the LPG connection, but the same was not in appropriation with the increase in LPG connections.

He said that there were 16,35,251 ration card holders in the State and total number of LPG Connection were 1397058 which include both single and double connections. Whereas, the person having single LPG connections were entitled for 2174 Kilolitres of kerosene oil and those without LPG connections were entitled for 2382 Kilolitres of the same and the entitlement of temporary ration card holder was 480 Kilolitres, the total of which comes to 5036 KLs, said he.

He said that the National average fixed by Govt. of India was 22 litres of kerosene oil per family to non LPG holders, on the basis of which, the allocation of kerosene oil to non LPG holders come to 6297 kilolitres.

The Government of India has made advance allocation of 1100 KLs to the State of Himachal Pradesh on 28th June, 2011, said he. In view of the short supply of kerosene oil to the State, the chief Minister had written letter in July, 2011 to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, New Delhi, requesting that the advance release of kerosene oil be considered allocation wise. Chief Minister also urged to reconsider the reduction of the quota of kerosene oil and asked to restore the monthly allocation of kerosene oil to atleast 4848 KLs or 6297 KLs as per the policy of Government of India in larger interest of the people of the State.

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