(Ripu Daman Kapil) Schemes launched for the betterment of poor are regularly misused and manipulated by the influencing personalities. In Sadiryana Panchayat of Sub-division Bhoranj District Hamirpur some names are struck off from the BPL list and influenced persons have entered in the list as per the complained. This complaint is made by the villagers to SDM Bhoranj and they have alleged that the Pradhan of the Panchayat have shown his dictatorship in this regard. It is quoted in the complained that the persons those are enjoying own vehicle facilities and the persons those are in government services are taken in the list of BPL. SDM Manoj Kumar has stated that the complaint has come and the BDO Bhoranj has directed to look into the matter. On the other hand Pradhan of the Panchayat Kuldeep Chand uttered that the list is made as per the direction of the government. Pradhan is also supported by the BJP SCST morcha district president Naresh Kumar. He has also stated that the selection is made as per norms and no injustice is done. Truth of the complained will come up after the investigation but the truth can not be denied that political persons make counterfeit practices to provide benefits to their nearer and dearer. This is not first incident when such complaint is made but every year such complaints come up. Government must make a law and defaulter officials must be punished so that the right person may get the benefit of government policies and schemes.