In a welcome development for the residents of Himachal Pradesh, the state government has announced that the ban on new water connections will be lifted from July 15. The restriction, imposed in April due to a significant drop in the water levels of drinking water schemes, will end as recent monsoon rains have substantially improved underground water reserves.

The Jal Shakti Department had implemented the ban to prevent a drinking water crisis during the peak summer months. However, with the onset of the monsoon on June 27 and heavy rainfall throughout the first week of July, water levels in rivers, drains, and ravines have risen, prompting the department to lift the restriction earlier than anticipated.

A Jal Shakti Department officer confirmed the decision, stating, “Every year, new water connections are banned during the summer to ensure that the existing water supply can meet the demand. This year, the ban will be lifted on July 15, allowing residents to apply for new drinking water connections.”

The state had experienced below-normal rainfall during the winter, leading to a drastic decline in the water levels of drinking water schemes by April. This decline necessitated the ban to ensure a stable water supply during the hot summer months. The recent monsoon rains have effectively replenished the water levels, making it feasible to resume the issuance of new water connections.

Residents can apply for new connections at the divisional and sub-divisional levels under the Jal Shakti Department starting mid-July. The department’s proactive measures have successfully maintained a stable drinking water supply despite the seasonal challenges.