Shimla: An online platform called “” has been launched to connect local farmers with consumers in their community. The platform provides consumers with easy access to fresh, locally-grown produce, while also helping small-scale farmers to reach a wider customer base.

Founded in 2020, offers a variety of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, and other farm-fresh goods. The platform encourages farmers to use sustainable and organic growing practices to promote environmental responsibility.

According to recent research, online platforms have become increasingly popular among farmers as a way to sell their products directly to consumers. The study found that farmers who use online platforms are more likely to generate higher revenue and reach new customers.

“ was created to help bridge the gap between consumers and local farmers,” said Puneet Thakur, co-founder of the platform. “Our aim is to provide consumers with fresh and healthy food options while supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture.”

Through the platform, farmers can create a profile and list the produce they have available for sale. Consumers can then search for farmers in their area and place orders directly through the platform. does not charge farmers any fees or commissions for using the platform.

The platform hopes to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable food system by connecting consumers with local farmers and encouraging the use of sustainable and organic growing practices. is free for farmers to join and offers resources and support to help them reduce waste and minimize their carbon footprint.

Overall, is a step towards promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting small-scale farmers, while also providing consumers with easy access to fresh and healthy food options.