Himachal Pradesh is rightfully called by some the adventure capital of India and one of the best ways to find out why it is called so is to go ahead and read all about the adventure sports that are available in this beautiful state. As these activities come on board to offer you the feeling of being high in the sky, you get to taste everything and also experience something called life.

So plan your next adventure by reading the following. 

  • River Rafting 

White-river rafting or just River Rafting is one of the most sought after outdoor activities that offers a thrill like no other. Considering all that a river surrounds, you will come across mysterious caves, lush green jungle and also dramatic waterfalls based on the location of the activity. In Himachal Pradesh, there are more than 5 places for river rafting, which should certainly be a big boost in terms of exploring this activity.

When should you do it? – excluding monsoon and winter months, you can head towards exploring River Rafting all throughout the year.

  • Skiing 

With heavy snow in abundance, why would one not want to go Skiing? The activity is famous in places like Kufri, Hanuman Tibba, Solang Valley and Narkanda based on climatic conditions. Since Himachal is known to offer some of the best conditions for Skiing, you will always be advised to try it out and explore all that it has to offer. With specific locations being termed for guaranteed good snow, you have all the options to choose from. 

When should you do it? – December to February is one of the best times to go skiing. 

  • Zorbing

Adventure has no boundaries and clearly no specifics because you can also roll down a steep hill in a giant and clear ball. If you haven’t heard about it, you must know that we are talking about Zorbing. An activity that is commonly found in Solang Valley and Khajjiar, Zorbing is a recreational activity that cannot be described but one that should truly be experienced.

Moreover, why would anyone refuse to be rolled down in a giant round ball?

When should you do it? – While there are no specific seasons, it is advisable to go Zorbing between January to May and October to December.

  • Camping 

Himachal Pradesh can easily be rolled into a list of the best places to go camping thanks to its waterfalls, sparkling lakes and other aspects that would be termed scenic beauty. In the camp, you get to decide what you need to do and can choose anything from relaxing to even downloading the Teen Patti real cash app and spending time playing games. 

You can also look towards hiking as an option because it is a common activity that many consider. Since Himachal is also filled with places like Bhrigu Lake, Malana, Kasol and so on, you will have an abundance of options when it comes to camping. 

When should you do it? – The best time for camping depends on the place that you are planning on visiting. For example, the ideal time to go camping at Bhrigu Lake is between April to June and September to October, while for Malana and Kasol, it is between March to November.

  • Paragliding 

Paragliding has always been termed as a mind-blowing adventure and there is hardly anyone who would disagree. It is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most sought after activities and under the right conditions, one can easily start exploring it with ease. From breathtaking sceneries to high-flying adventure, Paragliding offers a lot and you can explore it all.

While many consider the activity to be dangerous, gaining the will to try it out is all that it takes to remove that understanding from your mind. So live life like how it is meant to be lived and get yourself a Paragliding adventure. 

When should you do it? – Like Camping, the best time to go Paragliding depends upon the place. Famous spots like Bir Billing are better visited between March to May and September to November. Moreover, other spots like Rohtang Pass are commonly visited between May to October. 

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