To reduce emission and check pollution emitted for the vehicles plying in the State, the state government enforcing the Mass Emission Standard for Bharat Stage-IV in Himachal Pradesh and shall come into force with effect from 1st April, 2017 all over the State.

With the introduction of this, only those newly manufactured four wheeled vehicles, which are compliant with the BS-IV standard, will be allowed to be registered in Himachal Pradesh and move on roads.

Transport Minister GS Bali said that this will prove as a milestone to check the pollution emitted for the vehicles plying in the State and will further reduce the emission of Carbon-Mono-oxide, Hydrocarbon, Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur which were much less in BS IV fuel as compared to BS-III fuel. As a now, sufficient stock of BS-IV compliant petroleum fuels was available in the State.

After the amendment of Rule 115 of Centre Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways had issued notification on 19th August, 2015 making Mass Emission Standard Bharat Stage IV as mandatory in most of the State including Himachal Pradesh and districts of some states.

As per notification, the four wheeled vehicles manufactured on or after the 1st October, 2015 shall comply with BS- IV emission norms but this shall not be applicable to four wheeled transport vehicle plying on interstate permit or National permit or all India tourist permit. Now BS- IV compliant petroleum fuels was available all over country, therefore, from 1st April, 2017 the mass emission standard for Bharat Stage-IV shall come into force all over the country.

Bali said now people should purchase only BS- IV vehicles, as henceforth only such vehicles will be registered in the State. Any influence of the dealers/manufactured four wheeled vehicles, who insists to purchase BS-III vehicles, should be strictly avoided.

He said major step towards making the State pollution free as envisaged by the National Green Tribunal through its various judgements.

Picture: HW