Body to assess losses caused by the truck unions

The Himachal Pradesh government, in compliance with the directions of the H.P High Court, has constituted the Interim Administrative Body to manage transport vehicles and taking required lawful steps in Parwanoo town of the Solan district.

The Body headed by the ADM, Solan has the Assistant Commissioner (Protocol), Parwanoo, Regional Transport Officer, Solan, DSP, Parwanoo, Labour Officer, Solan and Member Secretary, Single Window Clearance Agency, Parwanoo as the Members.

The mandate of this Body will be to run the day-to-day affairs of the transport vehicles at Parwanoo. In the event of any resistance shown by the office bearers of the truck unions, it would take immediate lawful action against them and ensure that no individual who owns a vehicle including truck or tanker or any other commercial vehicle is obstructed in plying the same in a lawful manner for the purpose of earning his livelihood.

The Interim Administrative Body would assess the loss caused by the truck unions to the individuals, workers or the industrial units and submit its report to the High Court.

It would also take lawful steps to implement the directions passed by the High Court.

Rivalry between two truck unions at Parwanoo had raised law and order problem in border town of the state. Rival faction were from past some time clashing and even reports of firing of gunshots were also came into light. To avoid any eventuality the state government had deployed four reserve forces and the state high court had ordered to form SIT.

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