The State Government has set the target to complete the Aadhaar enrollment in the State by January, 2016. So far, the hill State has covered more than 67 lakh residents under the Aadhaar, which is about 98 percent of the total population.

Govt official said here today that the Aadhaar enrolment in the State was started in January 2011. The state has 68.5 lakh as per 2011 census, and in order to find out the gaps in enrollment, the projected population for 2015 was analyzed and compared to the current Aadhaar enrolments on the basis of age. This analysis revealed that the population above 18 years had already been covered and Aadhaar numbers had been generated.

He said the primary gap had now been identified in the population under five years of age. To cover this gap and complete the Aadhaar enrollment in the State, Department of Information Technology had devised the strategies.

To cover under five year’s age group, the strategy had been made to cover this group through the Anganwadis. 450 kits had been procured which would be provided to Anganwadi Workers who were being trained as Aadhaar enrolment operators. One Anganwadi worker in each 3243 panchayats would be trained and training of more than 800 Anganwadi workers had been completed and the remaining would be completed during this month. About 200 Kits were already functional in Shimla and Solan districts and enrolments would be completed by January, 2016.

He said the 5-18 years age group would be covered through schools and colleges. 114 Permanent Enrolment Centers functional at block/district level and other places were being operated through CSC and the Department. As many as 100 additional Permanent Enrolment Centers were being deployed and these 214 Enrolment centres were being routed in the different schools and colleges within the respective block where they were available. Besides, 24 Mobile Vans would also be deployed for specific requirements in the districts where the coverage was comparatively low.

As far as the age group of above 18 years was concerned, the Aadhaar coverage was about 102 percent. However, the balance population in this group, if any, would be taken care by Permanent Enrolment Centers deployed in the field.