Shimla CPM demands judicial enquiry into student leader killing at Kolkata

The Shimla District Committee of the CPM has strongly condemns the killing of a student leader, Sudipta Gupta, under police custody, in Kolkata on April 2, 2013. In its statement Shimla CPM said that SFI leader Sudipta was was protesting along with other students, demanding holding of college union elections in the state, which the state government has been thwarting.

CPM said that the protest action took place with prior police permission. When the students were arrested and were under police custody, Sudipta was killed. CPM also ridicule the the explanation given by the Kolkata Police and the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Benarjee. CPM said that that’s totally incredulous and is totally different with the Post Mortem report.

CPM said that the West Bengal state government must take the full responsibility for such a sorry state of law and order where even peaceful exercise of basic democratic rights is not being tolerated and demanded a judicial enquiry into the incident.

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