A spokesman of the State Government said here that Market Intervention Scheme being implemented for the year 2012-13 for procurement of citrus fruits i.e. Kinnow, orange, Malta and Galgal. He said that the scheme would be operational from 20th November, 2012 to 15th February, 2013. He said that procurement upto 500 MT of Kinnow, Malta, Orange and 100 MT Galgal would be made under MIS this year.

He said that the procurement price for ‘B’ Grade Kinnow, Malta and Orange would be Rs. 6 per kg and for ‘C’ grade it would be Rs. 5.50 per kg. He said that the procurement price for galgal would be Rs. 4.50 per kg. He said that Rs. 2.65 per kg would be handling charges for Kinnow, Malta, Orange and Rs. one per kg for Galgal.

Spokesman said that HPMC, HIMFED and H.P. Agro Industries Corporation would be the authorized agencies for procurement. He said that 54 procurement centres would be opened in different parts of citrus fruit growing areas of the State which can be increased, if required.