Favourable climatic conditions have led to a bumper production of ‘Kinnu’ in the Dhaulakuan area of Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur District this year.

Senior scientist at the Regional Horticulture Research Centre (RHRC) in Dhaulakuan, A K Joshi, informed that over the years, especially during 2010-11, there has been remarkable increase in the production.

The Kinnu fruit from the region is considered to be amongst the finest quality of the citrus fruit despite being small in size the high total soluble solids content (TSS) and acidity gives the fruit a distinct flavour, which has created a niche for it amongst the fruit lovers.

Farmers claimed that the yield of the Kinnu crop was hundred times more as compared to the previous year. The farmers are optimistic that they would reap profits due to the high production.