This year Manimahesh devotee will find cleaner 14-km trek between Hadsar village to Gauri Kund as the Mountain Cleaners – a group of volunteers carried out a five days cleaning campaign prior to Manimahesh Yatra from May 25 that concluded today. The group was formed by the British national Jodie Underhill in 2009.

A dedicated environmentalist, the 35-year-old from Great Yarmouth in England relentlessly works to clean up the area of all that the tourists and even localites litter in the mountain greens.

Formed in April 2009, this group of volunteers have been organizing mass clean ups in McLeod Ganj, and is committed to save Himachal Pradesh from waste choking its beautiful valleys and rivers. Co-founder of two other groups – Love 4 Tibet and Cornholme Community Project, Jodie, since her arrival in India in 2010, spent the initial two months traveling around India and learning about sustainable solutions in India such as waste management, rainwater harvesting, bio-gas & composting. Her experiences left her inspired and confident that positive and long lasting changes were possible, and gave her horror of noticing hills around Dharamshala destroying the beauty, a steely thought of turning it around.

Great Yarmouth self less work is a call to all Himachalis to take it seriously and need us to carry forward her endeavor and make Himachal neat and clean.