Mahabharat Jay Utsava started with Traditional Thoda Dance of Himachal Pradesh at Indira Gandhi National Art Centre in New Dehli. Around 700 Folk Artists from all over the country, including 65 Folk dancers of Shathi “The Kauravs” and Pashi “The Pandavas” from Shillaghoond and Rajana villages of Shimla are participating in this National Mahabharat Utsava. Beside Traditional Thoda Dances Himachali culture is being exhibited superbly in the Utsav as stalls with the presence of international fame Chamba Rumal, Miniature Pahari Paintings and Musada of Chamba.

Mahabharat Jay Utsava could be a great platform for the lesser known Himachali culture. Various forms of singing and dancing activities will be performed in the month long festival. Pandawayan Folk Singing Art of Shillai area of Sirmour will be performed on a daily basis in the festival. There will be an exhibition of photographs of Pandav related monuments and temples of Himachal Pradesh are also set up in the festival in which memoirs of Pandvas in Himachal have been displayed.

Image: Rohit Sharma