Shimla – In a bid to uphold the sanctity of the democratic process, 70,343 licensed firearms out of total of 100,403 have been voluntarily surrendered in Himachal Pradesh as the State gears up for elections. This significant move towards ensuring free and fair elections was confirmed by the spokesperson of the State Election Department.

According to official figures, the distribution of surrendered arms spans various districts, with notable numbers including 13,350 in Baddi, 4,913 in Bilaspur, and 12,468 in Kangra. The impressive turnout of surrendered weapons signifies a collective commitment to promoting peaceful electoral practices across the State.

Additionally, the State authorities have taken stringent measures to maintain election integrity, with 3,278 weapons impounded or cancelled to prevent any potential misuse during the electoral process.

In tandem with the arms surrender initiative, the State has been addressing any violations of the Model Code of Conduct since the announcement of elections. Through the C-Vigil platform, 73 complaints were swiftly reported from various corners of the State. As of Tuesday afternoon, 36 complaints have been effectively resolved, showcasing the responsive and proactive approach of the election authorities.

Furthermore, stringent scrutiny led to the dismissal of 37 complaints deemed either false or lacking in authenticity, underscoring the State’s commitment to upholding electoral integrity and transparency.