Paonta/Nahan: For the first time, a King cobra has been spotted in Himachal Pradesh. Its presence has surprised local residents as well as the netizens.

As per the reports, Praveen Singh, a local resident was out for a walk with his pet dog a few days ago near Girinagar, Paonta Sahib and spotted a snake.

Praveen has said that his dog alerted him about the presence of the snake. Unaware of a snake being a cobra, he clicked some pictures and filmed the snake while it was slithering into a hole in a rock. He later uploaded the video on Twitter

In his tweet, he tagged Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Praveen Kaswan and asked, “which snake is this?”

Soon the video went viral and came to the notice of Forest Department officials. The officials after examining the video, confirmed that the snake is a King cobra.

Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Paonta Kunal Angrish said that This is the first authentic record of a king cobra being found in the state. King cobra’s range ends at Uttarakhand in northern India.

King cobra is one of the most venomous species of snake and are mainl found in South Asia. An adult cobra can be upto 10 to 12 feet long. The snake is very poisonous and can kill a human being within minutes.