The State Electricity Regulatory Commission has issued a new tariff, vide which it has announced to slash tariff up to 30 paise per unit for all categories of consumers.

The revised tariff will be effective from August 1, 2014. The order stated that the small consumers, mainly the BPL people and those living in remote areas, who consumed 60 units per month, would pay Rs 10 per month less on service charges and 65 paise per unit less for consuming additional 20 units per month.

Electricity tariff

For the non-domestic consumers, the Electricity Regulatory Commission has reduced the energy charges by 20- 30 paise per unit and abolished the Rs 140 service for consumers consuming 20 KVA. For commercial supply, the Electricity Regulatory Commission also reduced tariff charges from 30 to 15 paise per unit.

The commission has abolished the service charge for two part tariff consumers and also increased the night time concession during summer months- June to August. For the industrial demand above 100 KVA, the commission has abolished the higher energy charges for all categories consuming 300 kVA. The peak load restrictions have also been abolished. It has also decreased peak hour charges.

Electricity tariff 1

For water and irrigation, green houses, poly houses, fisheries and mushroom growing units, the commission reduced the tariff by 30 paise per unit. The demand charge has been reduced from Rs 80 to Rs 40 per kVA per month and abolished the peak load charges and restrictions during peak hours.

Power tariff

Commission has also underscored no need for increase in tariff for the next four years till 2018-19.