Around 15 miscreants allegedly created a ruckus in the girls’ hostel of the Dronacharya College of Nursing located in Yol. The Principal of the college said that miscreants arrived in two cars and two-wheelers at about 11.30 pm. They were armed with hockey sticks. The miscreants initially thrashed the security guard of the hostel and then intimidated the warden. They tried to enter into the girls’ hostel but failed as the students bolted the door from inside and raised the alarm. Miscreants also thrashed Vice-Principal of the college.

The miscreants allegedly left the hostel after local people gathered at the spot. They also left behind a motorcycle. Police has impounded the motorcycle and arrested two accused in this connection. The police was on the lookout for the other accused. Principle said that it is not first time when these miscreants have create trouble around the hostel, but they had also complained to the local police earlier.