If in Himachal Pradesh, then one thing that cannot be given a miss is the Himachali Topi (cap). These woollen caps, which are quite eye-appealing because of their bright colours, have become the identity of this state. Well-known as Bushehri, Kinnauri and Kulluwi, these headgears have managed to create ripples not only in the state but outside as well. Available in green, maroon and multiple colours, they have become an integral part of Himachal politics.

Politicians are frequently seen donning them in different colours representing their parties, which have influenced youngsters to embrace this traditional piece of clothing once again. Though the customary cap has seen a setback in the past few years as youngsters prefer modern headgears than these. But, it is still a hit amongst the older generation, tourists and play an important part during marriages. Each topi has a typical fold in the front, which represents the different areas of the state.

A Himachali Topi will be in hues of green or maroon, while the one with grey or brown shades is a Kullu Topi. The tradition of wearing a topi has existed in the upper parts of Himachal since ages and still manages to make heads turn. Residents of the state, and even tourists, use them as gifting items because of its distinctive shape and character. Finding one is not difficult and Himachal shops are filled with these traditional headgears. One can pick them from places like Shimla, were a topi will cost you around 300.

People walking on the mall adorn them with the trendiest outfits, making them all the more wanted. To keep up with the demand, these caps are being given an overhaul every now and then. This traditional headgear has undergone a lot of transformation over the years keeping in mind the present taste and demand. Though, considered a male piece of clothing, these topis are now seen decorated over the cranium of females as well. So, if you don’t have one then purchase the tasteful Himachali Topi and see how it adds to your personality like magic.