Government aspiration to develop health tourism by rising better environment for Panchkarma in the state seems not to be rewarded. Bureaucrats of the government seem not interested to provide the health services in appropriate order to local public even. Since long, the persons got panchkarma training from Jamanagar are yet not having regular jobs. They are providing daily wage services so far in various panchkarma centers and in many centres the trained staff deficiency is causing hinder to run the service. In the state panchkarma are running on the soldiers of these daily wage persons only. These trained persons are begging for regular service since long, but none have paid any care on the minority section.

Here in the district of chief minister Rogi Kalyan Smitti had appointed some outsource at the rate of Rs 110 per day to provide panchkarma services to peoples of the area. This time concerned directorate has not granted permission to deploy the source at Hamirpur Ayurvedic Hospital. It is stated that departmental persons will be trained at Ayurvedic University Jamnagar of Gujarat or at Ayurvedic College Paprola, Himachal.

The services will be provided by the departmental trained staff only. As per the information of district ayurvedic officer Dr Santosh Gupta only seven persons are still trained. The facilities are to be provided except districts headquarter at Nari, Manvi and Kadiyar. It is clear that by seven trained persons management can’t provide proper services at the four stations. This is not only at district headquarter Panchkarma machines had reached but due to space deficiency the major machines are still packed. When in the district of chief minister the scheme is facing space as well as trained employee deficiency than what we can say for other districts. Keeping this in view it seems that to promote Panchkarma as health tourism is not in the hand of present government or its bureaucrats do not want to get the government policy proper launched.

Ripu Daman Kapil