With the rise of usage of Smartphones in India, it also seems that increase in Internet Users. According to reports from Statistia.com, Active Internet Users in India are about 624m, active penetration of about 76.7%, and 73bn USD estimated online retail market by 2022. In the year 2021 festive season, eCommerce sales saw a 23% jump in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and clocked $9.2 billion compared to $7.4 billion recorded in the last previous year. Even many of the online stores registering in India day-to-day (According to 2021 reports by Shopify, India alone registered over 19,000+ websites), only a few giants like Amazon Indian and Walmart-backed Flipkart showed tremendous sales as by combined more than 95% market share than others.

Indian eCommerce users see these two eCommerce companies as their monopolies as they have listed millions of products on their portal. Even the other eCommerce marketplace is also providing products similar to the customers’ requirements, but still yet to compete with these giants.

The future of an Indian eCommerce other than popular eCommerce players (Amazon and Flipkart), people are looking into new eCommerce platforms to purchase the products online. That is where we look up the Next-Gen eCommerce Platform – ArtyCraftz.in

ArtyCraftz is an online marketplace for eCommerce activities. The platform is said to be a Next-Gen eCommerce shopping experience provider as they are focused on implementing future-tech-enabled services to the customers. ArtyCraftz.in come-up with an idea of a No-physical Inventory or Digital Inventory Service (which owns No physical Inventory space/room) where sellers directly ship their products to the customers with ArtyCraftz Supply Chain & Logistics Assistant. The Platform adds zero listing and promotion charges in the way that they list and promote their seller products free of cost.

The startup launched in Jan-2021 with a small team of 4. In a short time, they onboarded more than 150+ sellers on their platform and started a list of the products. By the end of November 2021, they have reported more than 500+ sellers have registered, listed over 24,500+ products, estimated as 50,000+ website visitors, as said growth rate seems to be 5 percent every week-to-week.

Venkatesh Armugam who is CEO/Co-Founder of ArtyCraftz stated, “ArtyCraftz.in – an online marketplace platform any type of sellers can sign-up with us, list their products, and earn money. We do list and promote our sellers’ products to customers for free of charges which we never take any charges.”