Dharamshala – In a dramatic turn of events, Rakesh Chaudhary, formerly a BJP candidate in the assembly elections, has declared his intention to contest the upcoming by-election as an independent candidate. This announcement comes in the wake of Chaudhary’s dissatisfaction with the BJP’s decision to field Sudhir Sharma as their candidate for the by-election in Dharamshala.

Chaudhary, who had vied for the assembly seat under the BJP banner previously, expressed his dismay at being sidelined in favour of Sharma. “I had hoped for the party’s support once again, but it seems they have chosen a different path,” remarked Chaudhary, reflecting his disappointment with the party’s decision.

Interestingly, Chaudhary had also approached the Congress party seeking a ticket for the by-election. However, his hopes were dashed as the Congress high command unveiled Devendra Singh Jaggi as their chosen candidate for the Dharamshala constituency.

Unfazed by these setbacks, Chaudhary has now vowed to take matters into his own hands. “I will not be deterred by party politics. My allegiance lies with the people of Dharamshala, and I will stand for them,” declared Chaudhary in a statement to the press.

In a bid to rally support for his independent candidacy, Chaudhary announced plans to convene a meeting with his supporters Today. This gathering aims to strategize and garner backing for his electoral campaign.

With the stage set for a contentious by-election in Dharamshala, all eyes are now on Rakesh Chaudhary as he prepares to challenge the established political order and stake his claim on the constituency as an independent candidate.