Photo: Lahaul & Spiti Police (X)

In a move aimed at preserving the sanctity of religious rituals, the picturesque tourist destination of Sisu, a favoured spot for travellers, will be off-limits for the next 45 days. This decision, orchestrated by the local Panchayat, is fuelled by a deep-seated commitment to preserving a serene ambience during the veneration of deities in the sacred ritual of Dev Karaj.

Local authorities, in consultation with the Raja Ghepan Committee, Devi Boti Committee and Lavrang Gompa Committee, have collectively decided to halt all tourism activities in Sisu from January 15 to February 28.

The Panchayat head, Rajiv, emphasized the significance of the decision, citing the need to conduct Dev Karaj (religious ceremonies) without any interruptions or noise disturbances. The objective is to maintain the tranquillity required for worship and traditional practices during this sacred period.

As part of this directive, not only will tourist attractions be inaccessible, but hotels and homestays in the area will also remain closed to visitors. The local community hopes that this temporary hiatus will allow them to observe their religious rituals with the reverence they deserve.

This initiative underscores the delicate balance between the growing tourism industry and the preservation of age-old traditions. As Sisu transforms into a haven for spiritual activities during this period, it sends a powerful message about the community’s commitment to honouring their cultural heritage. Tourists planning to visit the region during these dates are encouraged to plan their trips accordingly, respecting the local customs and traditions.