Trekking in the mighty mountains of Himachal is an electrifying experience that not only quenches your thirst for adventure but also lets you witness nomadic life of people living in the upper reaches away from sickening noise and traffic in cities.

Himachal’s claim to fame as a trekkers’ paradise is a consequence of its boisterous landscape consisting of mountain passes, terrains, cliffs, and valleys sweeping along the regions lying at the foot of mountains. The air you breathe and the views you encounter fill your entire being with the unadulterated charm of nature prevailing all around.

If you want your next vacation in the northern part of India, blended with a bit of adventure, we suggest you to take cues from these 6 best treks in Himachal Pradesh that showcase the best of Himachal’s pristine beauty.

1. Hampta Pass Trek [Grade: Moderate]

Best Treks in Himachal
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Of all other trekking routes that have a commanding presence in Himachal, Hampta Pass Trek is a clear winner for it gives a fine exposure of the natural riches stored in Kullu-Manali and Lahaul region.

The trail might be a bit challenging for newbies but you can easily make your way up till Balu ka Ghera – a formation of sand and soil deposits that flow down with river water.

From Balu ka Ghera, you can catch a glimpse of Indrasan Peak and Hanuman ka Tibba and spend some moments of solitude. Those determined to scale higher in the trek are the ones who stand an opportunity to get the best views of glacial valleys and sparkling rivers flowing in the region.

The best part of the trek comes after you cross the pass and reach Spiti Valley for a chance encounter with its heavenly beauty, with snow all around until you get to see Chandra Taal Lake – the most beautiful glacial lake in Himachal Pradesh.

2. Kheerganga Trek [Grade: Moderate]

Kheerganga Trek - Best Treks in Himachal
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Kheerganga Trek unveils the most picturesque part of nature that lies in Parvati Valley. This trek not just attracts visitors on a mission to explore nature residing in the remote regions of Parvati Valley but also draws scores of religious fanatics due to the religious relevance of this place. Barshaini in Kasol is the starting point of this trek, proceeding towards Tosh village.

Mostly frequented by Israelis, this village possesses is an unadulterated rural charm and it is best to set up a camp here to stay and relax before beginning your journey towards Kheerganga. Views of greenery along with milky white river water flowing down from Kheerganga surprise you with their magical allure.

Once you reach Kheerganga, the hot water springs located nearby is just the thing you need to soak your tired feet in.

3. Triund Trek [Grade: Easy]

Triund Trek - Best Treks in Himachal
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If you are geared for an adventurous sojourn in the lap of Dhauladhars, with an option to customize your trek depending on your level of experience, Triund is the destination for you. The trail begins from Dharamkot, a village near McLeod Ganj advancing towards Triund Hill.

The magnetic views of pine and rhododendron forests together with the unspoilt charm of Dhauladhar mountains works to elicit the whole experience leading you towards the most exhilarating trek. On reaching Triund, you can decide to go a little further to view the snowline where you get to view Laka glacier.

Beyond this point, yet another trail is waiting to be explored, the trail towards Indrahar Pass, reserved only for experienced trekkers. As you ascend towards Indrahar Pass, the landscape starts to become more rugged and rock-laden owing to high altitude.

On reaching Indrahar Pass, you can easily view the entire Kangra Valley, Pir Panjal range, and Bara Bhangal region from a distance, an experience only a handful of trekkers get to see.

4. Beas Kund Trek [Grade: Easy]

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This is the easiest trek any beginner can undertake for a rendezvous with the ravishing nature located around Manali and to chance upon the natural treasures located near River Beas flowing through its terrains. Beas Kund Trek starts just 15 km away from Solang Valley, a popular destination for skiing and paragliding.

The trek takes you towards Beas Kund, the origin of River Beas, and gives a sneak peek of the wonderful spectacles of nature like pine and rhododendron trees, wild mushrooms, and fruits, greeting you on your way. Expect to be mesmerized with views of Beas Kund glacier as you move closer to your destination.

5. Kareri Lake Trek [Grade: Easy to Moderate]

Kareri Lake Trek - Best Treks in Himachal
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Kareri Lake Trek is one of the most adventurous yet easily accessible trails known all over the Dhauladhar region. As you set into this spellbinding route, the scenic sights of pine trees dominating the hilly terrains begin to overwhelm you and transport you into a fantasy land. Sights of rivers, waterfalls and lakes meeting you on your way up towards the lake give a sense of the natural abundance prevailing near Dhauladhars.

The forests are perfect hosts for a variety of birds that fly towards the Dhauladhars in winters. Once you reach the lake situated at an altitude of about 10,000 feet, you’ll be amused to see the gorgeousness of this place. If you are a seasoned trekker, prepare yourself for another adventurous trek to Lam Dal Lake that awaits to be undertaken from this point.

6. Sainj Valley Trek [Grade: Easy]

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This particular trek in Kullu region takes you into a world where you find the best of nature along with intoxicating views of the Great Himalayan range. As you start your journey into this striking gem of nature called Sainj village, its tranquil state begins to envelope you in its comfort and lands you in the beautiful meadows of Shangarh.

This place gives you a break from the chaos of Sainj town. This village comes under the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) which – means you can expect to see some wildlife in your trek. A day in this village would give you the true picture of all the places of interest located nearby – like a local temple known for its intricate wooden architecture and traditional huts that dominate the higher reaches in the entire Kullu Valley.

A little further into this trek and you’ll be amazed to see the waterfalls lying just above the meadows of Shangarh.

For the ones daring to go higher into this trek, Pundrik Rishi Lake located above Shangarh village comes as a surprise. It introduces you to its alpine surroundings that begin to replace the greenery once you move closer towards your trek in the Great Himalayan National Park.

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