Aiming to accelerate the pace of industrial development, the Himachal Pradesh government has launched “e-Bhoomi Online System” in the state. This ‘e-Bhoomi online service will provide the details of the individual land/property available for setting up industries in the state.

An Industries department officer said that any individual with an intention to sell land/property can list out his property on this portal. The salient features of e-Bhoomi online system is hassle-free listing of land for sale to government/private sector for development projects.

The system provides information about land availability for interested buyers across state. The Collector rate list availability enables buyers to manage funds for projects.

‘e-Bhoomi service will also help to eliminate the need of aggregator and commission agents in property dealing.

The system allows an applicant/landowner to register and login-in from anywhere through his/her mobile number. The seller fills the complete detail of the land property in ‘Land Detail Form’ and uploads the land related document. The land details will then be available on public domain/home page for interested buyers to purchase land as per requirement.

The buyer module will also be developed where any government entity/entrepreneur can also put their requirement for land on this portal and the interested sellers can respond to their need.