To facilitate the factory owners in the State, the State NIC has developed Online Factory Registration Information System (OFRIS) Software that will enable factory owners for getting factory registration online.

The OFRIS is an automated web-based system which offers facilities for online submission of application for Building Plan approval & Factory Registration in an automated and work-flow manner thereby helping in the reduction of time span in the registration besides making the applicant aware about the status at each stage during the process.

To implement the OFRIS, the Department of Labour has decided to computerize the entire process of online approval. He said that the software could be accessed on its website.

Registered factories will also have to apply online for renewal by 15th September, 2014 to enable the department to process the application by 31st October, 2014.

Online payment of registration and renewal fee under Factories Act, 1948 through Net Banking would do away the visit of applicant to Bank, Treasury and officers of the department for verification of challans.

Department believed that OFRIS would help in reducing the time span in the registration process of factories and building plan approvals and also to ascertain the status of application submitted and action being taken at every stage of the process. It would also provide fair, transparent and in time processing of various approvals to the satisfaction of all.

This automated interface would also improve transparency and would help department and factory owners’ to ascertain the status of application submitted and action being taken at every stage of the process.

With OFRIS, factory management would not have to visit the Office of Labour & Employment during the process of registration or its renewals. Reports, returns and queries can be raised through it.

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