Former Cabinet Minister at Virbhadra Government Thakur Ram Lal seems gearing up for the upcoming election well before the time and announces to uproot the present government. Thakur Ram Lal said that Himachal Pradesh Assembly is heading for elections in a year or so and political heat can be felt in the atmosphere of the state. He added that Congress will not let any of the stone unturned to tilt the present state government. He blames present government for the corruption and said that it’ll be difficult for the government to cover-up its wrong doing. Adding to the notorious (benami) illegal land deals, Thakur said that BJP government has given birth to a big land mafia which consists of selected people who he alleges to be close to the government and some industrial houses of the country that are getting government and private land on throw away prices and are minting millions of Rupees by selling the same at much higher rates. Ram Lal is confident for the big win for congress.