In a dramatic act, Shimla’s Vigilance team nabbed Him Urja Project Officer Rajesh Mahajan red handed, when he was taking bribe of Rs 7000 for a supply of solar heaters in Solan. The valiance team made its move to nab Ramesh on a complaint from Prachi Enterprises (the suppliers of solar heaters), who informed the vigilance department that Ramesh Mahajan had asked for bribe against subsidy on solar heaters. According to the complaint, 7 cheques of Rs 9000 each had to be received for subsidy, of which, Ramesh had demanded Rs 1000 on each cheque, the payment of which had to be made today. Making a quick move on the complaint, the Vigilance team provided Prachi Enterprises with inked notes of Rs 7000, which were later confiscated from Rajesh Mahajan.